Private Events

Celebrate your birthday, anniversary, graduation, promotion, bachelorette party… or just gather a group of friends for a good time on a private culinary tour. ¬†All of our tours can be customized for your private event, so come celebrate with us in Boulder and Denver.

We can hire a limo and visit great establishments outside of the Pearl Street area in Boulder. We can ride bikes to breweries and food trucks. We can keep the tour downtown and visit some of your favorite spots or new ones you’ve been eager to try. We can do just about anything to make your culinary event memorable, satiating, and unique.

Throw a surprise tour for someone. Finish the tour with a custom cake. Is there a chef you’re interested in meeting? Call Megan at 303.909.5747 and start planning.

Pork Belly at Restaurant Kevin Taylor

Steak Kebobs at The Kitchen [Upstairs]

Steak Kebobs at The Kitchen [Upstairs]

This group of 12 friends enjoyed Sushi Tora

Private wine tasting with Bobby Stuckey at Frasca Food & Wine

Salted caramel chocolate cake from Piece Love & Chocolate, served with cocktails at the T-Zero Lounge

On a birthday tour- Something to nibble before the pizza was served at Pizzeria Basta

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