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Proper Sushi Etiquette

We had a great time on our downtown Boulder Sushi Crawl, tasting unique rolls at four establishments paired with sake. And, we picked up some proper etiquette along the way. Do not rub your chopsticks together. When not in use they should be placed parallel to yourself on the holder (if there is one) or

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cacao beans at hexx las vegas

Hexx- A Bean to Bar Chocolate Factory in Las Vegas

There’s officially a reason to visit Vegas! Hexx, a bean to bar chocolatier, has a chocolate factory in the hotel Paris. Forget the casinos, forget the mediocre celebrity restaurants. Check out this chocolate factory. Now, “factory” might make you think of a large production space. Hexx is small. They’re a small-batch chocolatier, so expect to

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Punch a la Burroughs

Drinking in London: Four of the Top 50 Bars in the World

One day, while spacing out on Facebook, I was intrigued by a congratulatory post about Denver’s own Williams & Graham making the list of the Top 50 Bars in the World. I clicked on the link, read through the bars, and found I had been to two of the 50, having visited Three Dots and

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Choc Cartel

The Chocolate Cartel, Albuquerque, NM

We proudly feature Piece, Love, and Chocolate on our tours at least twice each month and feel so very fortunate to live in a town that indulgently adores our independently (female) owned chocolate boutique. So, when reading about The Chocolate Cartel in the local EDIBLE magazine while on a recent culinary excursion to New Mexico,

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Valentine’s Day Dining in Boulder and Denver

Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year, so there’s really no excuse not to go out. If you’re not sure where to go, we at Local Table Tours compiled a list of some of our favorite date-night dining spots in Boulder and Denver. These aren’t necessarily ranked in any order. Grab a reservation anywhere

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