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Megan Bucholz

Founder, Chief Tasting Officer, and Lead Guide









Megan is a Boulder food blogger who has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and Central and South America. She moved to Boulder to earn a Masters degree in Educational Foundations, Policy, and Practice from CU Boulder and decided this was the place to stay and call home.  Megan has lived in Boulder for twelve years and enjoys the farm-to-table approach to home cooking.  She’s always cooking something, and A Bolder Table can catch you up on her latest creations (or, more likely her chef-husband’s latest creations). Megan is a member of the Colorado chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier and is on the board of the Flatirons Food Film Festival. She is also a part-time Spanish instructor, so don’t hesitate to practice Spanish with her if she’s your guide on tour.








Meagan (#2) is a Texas transplant who has lived in Boulder since 2013. Prior to moving to Boulder, she lived in Austin where she wrote about food for several local publications, and worked for a cupcake company. She jumped right into the food scene in Boulder, guiding tours at Local Table Tours and continuing her food writing. For Meagan, meals shared with her loved ones are among her most cherished moments. Sneaking nibbles of her mom’s famous fried chicken, spoonfuls of snickerdoodle dough, and pieces of her father’s corned beef are some of her favorite childhood memories. When she’s not guiding a tour, you can find Meagan wide-eyed in front of a bakery display, sipping a glass of wine, or sharing a meal at a local establishment. Between the two of them, you’re very likely to have a Me(a)gan as a guide if you’re on tour in Boulder.


Natalie is a longtime Boulder resident who could almost be called a native. Growing up in her mother’s bakery, she developed her sweet tooth at a young age when she regularly sampled popular treats. Together with her mother and aunt, she published “From the Bakery of Afternoon Tea: Book of Pies” and a follow-up cakes edition for Amazon Kindle. Her penchant for delectable cuisine led her to Local Table Tours, where she takes guests around town to favorite restaurants among locals (including herself). When she isn’t guiding a tour, you can find her vegetable garden or in the kitchen cooking (if she isn’t already at some delicious happy hour around town).


Joanna has lived in Colorado since 1993 and loves sharing the wonderful places Boulder has to offer. Her appreciation of food comes from her mom, who is an excellent Polish cook, and a love of wine discovered after studying abroad in Paris. She enjoys biking, hiking, eating and drinking her way around the world. Her cuisine experiences range from wine and bike tours in Italy, Chile, California, and New Zealand amongst others, all the way to making chocolate from scratch and eating palm weevil larvae in the jungles in Ecuador.

Clark Thompson








Clark moved to Boulder from Kentucky to attend culinary school. As a young man who knew his way around a kitchen, he took a job at Savory Spice Shop, which has turned into a career of six years working at and managing one of the busiest foodie shops in town. His presence at Savory makes him one of the most familiar faces in town with chefs, bar tenders, food purveyors, and home cooks. He’s currently in the restaurant supply industry, helping make sure our local establishments have everything they need to run smoothly.







Orion is a Denver multimedia personality, actor, and foodie. Orion has only been hosting for several years and has done everything from being the featured ‘Local Foodie’ for CNN Travel Channel, to interviewing big names from shows like HBO’s True Blood and AMC’s The Walking Dead. Orion is the current host of the local television series “Let’s Eat” about the food and restaurant scene in Denver and beyond. “Let’s Eat” was recently awarded the 38th Annual Bronze Telly Award for Television/Segments.

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